The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Double Stroller

best double stroller reviewsAre you on a quest to find the best double stroller?

Well, your search ends right here because we’ve got you covered with the names of the best double strollers in the market complete with double stroller reviews to back them up.

We know that with all double strollers available in the market today, such a quest can be daunting so we’ve taken the liberty to make this buying guide for you so you would be making your choice from only what’s deemed to be the best double stroller.

Combine that with the double stroller reviews to give you a real account of how good (or not so good) the product is and you’ve got the ultimate combination to guide you better in coming up with the right decision.

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Know the Three Best Double Strollers

To start off, we present to you the three best double strollers which comprise of the top three most high-rated and well-loved brands we have today. Check out their double stroller reviews and see if any of them fit into your lifestyle and daily routine.

Top 3 Double Strollers Comparison

As there’s no perfect product that exists, these double stroller reviews come with both positive and negative feedback from its users but if you check the average product ratings and individual scores for each, the pros far outweigh the cons.

So, depending upon which flaw you deem as not really a major issue, we present the comparison of the features of the three best double strollers including their ratings and price.

Top 3 Double Stroller Reviews

1. BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

best double stroller reviewsThe first best double stroller is the BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller, which falls under the type of All Terrain Double Stroller. As with all other all terrain types of double strollers, it comes with a front swivel wheel that rotates fully to allow you to maneuver easily even on curbs or tight areas.

However, what’s great is you can also lock this front wheel in a forward position if you want to go for a light jog or when you are passing through an uneven terrain.

Just like the majority of what people said in its double stroller reviews, I think that’s a really neat feature because it serves two purposes and gives you options of what you want to do with your babies – either you go for a simple stroll in the mall or go a bit sporty by jogging in the park. I like that the versatility of this best double stroller helps both moms and dads to come up with more creative and fun ways to spend quality time with their kids.

Secondly, this best double stroller comes with multi-position canopies. If you’re outdoors, canopies are very important. It protects your kids from all the harsh elements that the environment has to offer. Let’s say you’re out for a stroll in the park during the peak of summer. If you happen to be outside for a few hours, you’ll notice that where the sun shines changes by the hour. Its multi-position canopies therefore, would really come in handy when it comes to shading your kids from its harmful UV rays.

Thirdly, I love that this best double stroller has various storage options. It’s great to have a huge storage basket but if you’re an OC mom like I am, a storage where you can organize your children’s things is even better. The BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller has 4 interior pockets, 2 seat-back pockets and a hanging basket underneath. So the diapers and extra clothes can be stored in the underneath basket while the things that are needed to be near me can be placed inside the 2 seat back pockets like snacks and bottles for milk and water. Personally, I find it easier to find things this way.

Here are some more of its helpful features:

  • Ultra padded and adjustable reclining seats for your children to sit comfortably whether you’re strolling or jogging.
  • Five point padded harness to ensure that your babies are strapped securely.
  • An adjustable suspension system makes the stroller glide like a dream.
  • An accessory adapter enables you to easily attach the BOB infant car seat adapter or snack tray.

Most double stroller reviews say that the downside to the BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller though is it doesn’t come with an adjustable handle and I concur with that. I’m pretty petite in height so when it comes to pushing this stroller, I won’t be comfortable because it’s high for my flat 5 height. If you’re around 5’6” though, this stroller would be okay for you but if you’re taller, you would have to hunch over.

It’s also pretty heavy so if again, you’re as petite as I am, it won’t be so easy to carry this stroller on your own. Furthermore, it’s got a huge fold. Well, that’s actually expected since this is a double stroller but the challenge here is it doesn’t fit easily in trunks of a standard car. You would have to take out some parts of it for it to fit.

Be that as it may, the BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller still offers more advantages compared to the disadvantages and for what it lacks, many people find this a non-major issue because out of a total of 212 double stroller reviews from customers, it still received an average rating of 4.6 stars with the 5-stars leading the way.

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2.  B-Agile Double Stroller

Double Stroller Reviews and Buying GuidesSecond on the best double stroller list is the Britax-B Agile Double Stroller, which is a Side-by-Side Double Stroller that’s a proven favorite among parents. For my part, I like it because it’s very lightweight, compact and easy to fold.

If you’ve read the review of the stroller above, you’ll know that I’m 5 feet flat so these features are definitely very useful and friendly to me. It’s easy to bring especially during travel and we love going to amusement parks. It’s easy to fold and fit in standard sized car trunks too so another plus point to make it the perfect stroller for our outings.

Another feature that I like, which is very important for any best double stroller, is the fact that the Britax-B Agile Double Stroller is easy to handle. Double stroller reviews of this product agree too. From assembly up until navigation, it’s really easy to figure out so even first-time parents would really appreciate its being user-friendly.

Other User-Friendly Features:

  • Easy Click and Go Adapter System, when attached to the Britax Infant Car Seat, makes it ideal for travel system usage.
  • Reclinable Padded Seats for your babies’ comfort especially when napping.
  • A five-point harness system without the need to rethread or unhook straps.
  • Adjustable handlebar with comfort grip for easy pushing.
  • Smooth Ride thanks to its all-wheel suspension and front swivel wheels.

What I don’t like much about the Britax-B Agile Double Stroller though is it’s not compatible with other brands of car seats. That means you have no choice but to buy the Britax Infant Car Seat if you want to use it as a travel system and if you already have an existing car seat of another brand that’s still usable, it makes no sense having 2 car seats. Usage is easy but when folding the stroller, the handle can sometimes slam into the ground and its storage area is not so spacious.

Overall though, the Britax-B Agile Double Stroller reviews showed that it’s still well-appreciated and that only means that many parents find it satisfactory to use despite some flaws. At the price it’s sold, combined with the conveniences it has to offer, the double stroller reviews for this product show that it’s considered a done struck deal.

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3. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Joovy Scooter Double Stroller ReviewsThird place on the best double stroller list is the Joovy Scooter x2 which is a side-by-side stroller. Now, while many parents find it hard to steer, consider the Joovy Scooter to be an exception. For starters, it measures 30” wide only so what I like about this is it means that this best double stroller can fit through most doorways. No more awkward, getting stuck moments while people behind wait for you to find a way to get through.

Next, the Joovy Scooter x2 Double Stroller has roomy seats so this means kids will fit well with extra headroom to spare. Based on its double stroller reviews, this is a feature many parents particularly love. I agree with them because it means this best double stroller grows with your kids. If you think about it, a stroller is an investment so if you can use it in a longer period of time, the better and worth it the cost right?

And again, who wouldn’t love big canopies and a big storage space? These features are especially important for any best double stroller. The former completely cover and protect your babies from environmental elements that can be pretty harmful or cause sickness while the latter allows you to have enough room to bring not just all of your children’s gear but yours as well. You wouldn’t go wrong with those!

Other Perky Features:

  • The stroller’s wheels come with sealed bearings so it’s really easy to steer and push even with one hand.
  • Fully reclinable seats with adjustable footrest, independent of each other.
  • A removable bumper to serve as a safety feature but also works as a hand and foot rest for kids.
  • Perks for parents include 2 cup holders and 2 zippered pockets to store phones, wallets and keys.

The down part of the Joovy Scooter x2 Double Stroller is its handle can’t be adjusted to suit different heights so if you’re on the taller side, you’d have the tendency to be uncomfortable hunching over. Moreover, the seats need to be reclined first before you can close it which can be pretty annoying.

All in all though, the double stroller reviews for this product came out tops for users garnering a whooping score of 4.6 out of 5 stars. The cons it received pale to nothing compared to all the conveniences it brings to parents. Add to the fact that it’s pleasing to the eye and you’ll understand why it’s loved and definitely a wise buy.

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How to Choose the Best Double Stroller

Before you go online or to the stores to embark on your quest for the best double stroller, there are some things you need to know and consider first. You’ve already read the double stroller reviews of what’s deemed to be the best double strollers in the market. Next in line is to know the different types of double strollers.

There are actually 6 types so knowing what differentiates one from the other would be really helpful in your selection process because you can choose which type would work best for your kids, whether they are twins or a few years apart. That in itself would already narrow down your best double stroller choices so you won’t be so confused with everything that’s available in the market.

Once you already know which type of stroller you need for your kids, the next thing to do would be to check your budget. Make sure that the best double stroller models you are eyeing would be in range of your budget. If it exceeds, cross it off the list, unless of course, you can spare a little extra cash to accommodate it and include in your preliminary choices.

Okay, so you now have the type of stroller you need with models that are well within the range of your budget. Next comes choosing the features that fit your lifestyle and the kind of environment you live in. For example, if you have two children, let’s say one is a 2 or 3 year old and the other still in infant, you may want to go for the Sit and Stand type of double stroller.

Or let’s say your kids are already toddlers who can both walk well and eat without much fuss, maybe you would find the umbrella stroller fit for their age. Perhaps you’re a serious runner and can’t imagine not having your daily sprint in the afternoon. If such is the case, the double jogging stroller would be most ideal as it allows you to have some quality time for both your kids and your healthy dose of exercise.

Once you’ve ticked out all these factors, you’re well on your way to choosing the right kind of double stroller that would work best for you and your kids. The last step is to check the double stroller reviews of those that made it in your top list.

So you see, it’s not that hard at all to choose which type of double stroller to do go for. You just have to know what to look for and which features are most important to make it easier for you to manage your kids and for them to enjoy their strolling experiences.

Know the Six Types of Double Strollers

Well, to give you a headstart of your quest to find the best double stroller for your tots, here are the 6 types complete with double stroller reviews according to what its best for, pros and cons.

1. Side-by-Side or Twin Strollers

This double stroller comes with two seats positioned side by side each other with equal arm and leg room.

  • Best For – According to double stroller reviews, it’s ideal for strolling in the park or in a place where there’s lots of scenery. Your kids are facing front so they can see everything that’s happening in their frontal and peripheral vision.
  • Pros – More storage underneath the seats, both seats can fully recline, better choice for heavy kids, no fighting as to who gets to sit in front, both kids can see and interact with each other.
  • Cons – Hard to push sometimes, difficult to pass through doors and store aisles, both kids may have the tendency to fight with each other.

2. Tandem Strollers

This double stroller has two seats with one placed at the back of the other. Because of its arrangement, it’s only the back seat that can recline fully while the front seat can recline halfway.

  • Best For – Double stroller reviews suggest that it’s ideal if you have an infant child sit at the back while your feisty toddler can sit in front so he can see everything happening and have lesser chances of getting bored.
  • Pros – Can fit through doors and store aisles easily, kids don’t fight as easily, some seats are multi-positioned so they can be turned for your kids to face each other, some models can hold infant seats.
  • Cons – There’s a tendency for difficulty in pushing and maneuvering particularly if you have heavier kids, possibility of hair pulling if your kids are quite big enough, can also be a challenge when it comes to storing it inside your car trunk.

3. All-Terrain Double Strollers

From the name itself, you’ll know it has something to do with surfaces you tread on. These strollers are designed like a triangle with three wheels, 2 at the back and 1 in front. The front wheel has the the ability to swivel for easier navigation among tight or curbed areas and to lock straight for more stability. Note that these strollers though are not meant to be used for intense jogging or running as there’s the double jogger for that.

  • Best For – According to parents’ double stroller reviews, this stroller works well if you’re fond of off-roading excursions, hikes, beaches and yes, even uneven urban jungle.
  • Pros – Most of these strollers also come with features that are intended for parents like height adjustable handles, parent trays and cupholders and huge storage baskets. Have sturdier aluminum frames and large canopies to protect baby from all the outdoor trekking you plan to do.
  • Cons – Most come with fixed sling seats that is not suitable for babies below 6 months old. While they do fold, it’s not as compact as you’d want it to be so chances are, you’d still need to take out the front wheel just so it would fit the trunk of a standard-sized car.

4. Sit and Stand Strollers

This stroller accommodates two children with one sitting on the seat of the stroller in front and the other can sit on the rear padded jump seat or stand on the platform.

  • Best For  - Double stroller reviews stated that it’s most popular for parents who have kids who are spaced a few years apart. Your younger child can sit in the regular stroller seat but for your older kid who has discovered the wonders of independence, you can have him step into the rear part to stand, so he can easily get down if he wants to check out something he sees AND sit, if he gets tired and just wants to take a rest.
  • Pros – Helps a lot in keeping your toddler occupied, has nearly the same width as a single stroller so it’s easier to maneuver through doors and tight spaces, the front seat usually reclines so your younger child or baby can nap comfortably, most models can easily accommodate car seats.
  • Cons – They are long so this means you need more clearance to turn, when the front space is reclined, there’s is less room for the rear seat where your toddler can sit in, most models comes with a stationary so you can’t change positions in accordance to the sun’s shade.

5. Umbrella Double Strollers

This type of stroller feature an upside down J-shaped handle that’s similar to that of an umbrella; hence its name.

  • Best For – As per double stroller reviews, this product is ideal parents who are on-the-go and travel often as its features come in handy when you are gate-checking at the airport or train station. It’s also ideal among older children as it’s quick, light and easy to use.
  • Pros – Inexpensive, incredibly lightweight, folds up to a small size, compact, easy to navigate in tight corners or crowded spaces, it doesn’t take much room in the car trunk or storage area.
  • Cons – Comes with only the most basic features – no large storage area, no huge canopies and no trays or cup holders, cannot hold children below 6 months old or those that cannot support their heads and necks yet, not as comfortable or durable as a full stroller.

6. Double Jogging Strollers

Even if you have babies, your love for running doesn’t have to stop, thanks to this stroller. It is equipped with an all-wheel suspension system so your babies can still have a smooth ride even if the terrain you are running on is uneven. It’s actually a bit like the All-Terrain because it comes with three wheels too but what makes it different are its tires, which are mostly bicycle wheels, and its front wheel which is fixed. It doesn’t swivel because this is this is needed for supreme stability when you are running in bumpy areas. Along with these are hand brakes, parent wrist tethers, 5-point safety harness and other features that make running safe for you and your babies.

  • Best For – Double stroller reviews recommend it as ideal for serious runners who are under training or still want to maintain their healthy exercise.
  • Pros – Gives great stability for running because it’s safe for you and your baby, helps to shed off the baby weight, more terrain options for running, you can actually join running competitions with your baby, comes in an attractive and stylish design.
  • Cons – Not good for babies that can’t sit up and hold their heads and neck yet. They also don’t come with a special infant seat. Can be bulky so this could cause a problem if you have limited space in your car and storage. Can be pretty expensive too.

Determine which Best Double Stroller Feature Works for You

Now that you have an idea of the different types of strollers, which may be surprisingly many, the next thing to take into consideration are its features. These can vary depending on the type of stroller so try to determine which you think is most necessary when you are out with your baby on the stroller.

1. Perfect Fit

One of the first and foremost factors to consider in buying the best double stroller is to determine first if it will fit your car. How else can you go anywhere with your stroller if it won’t fit your vehicle’s door or interior space right? Note that strollers are one of the rather expensive gear you have to buy for your baby so make sure that you don’t get it wrong from the start. Measure the dimensions and weight of your car and compare it to the dimensions and weight of the stroller you’re eyeing to purchase. You can easily find this information on the product description of Amazon.

2. Weight

As they are designed to carry two children, double strollers weigh more than the singletons. The lightest among all types are the umbrella ones and the heaviest are the jogging or sit and stand models. These strollers have an average weight of around 30 pounds. Add that to infant car seats,  some accessories and  the weight of your children and well, you can already have a mental picture of the load you’ll be pushing. In choosing the best double stroller, it would be wise to start with the stroller type that you will find not so heavy to push especially when you’re on your own with your kids.

3. Weight Limits

Apart from getting the stroller’s weight, you need to know how much weight the stroller can carry as well. With double strollers, they can generally support weights ranging from 70 to 100 pounds. Try to think ahead and imagine the weight of your baby when he or she reaches age one. Will her projected weight be enough for the stroller to carry? Will she still fit in the stroller by then? These questions are important to consider because you’ll want to smartly invest on the best double stroller that will be plenty of use for the years to come.

4. Accessories

Accessories come in many kinds and are all designed to make your baby’s stroller experience enjoyable, and equally important, your experience with it as well. All these are there to make it easier and more convenient for you to manage and handle your baby. The most common accessories found on double strollers are rain or shade covers, screens to protect from insect bites and drink holders. Other more sophisticated accessories are food trays, bag hooks, organizers, car seat base adapters and toys that can be attached to the stroller.

While it may be tempting to have many accessories on your stroller, there is every possibility that having so many may be too much for both you and your baby to handle. In this case, it’s prudent to just choose the ones that you think are most important and needed so that your baby would have a pleasant experience while yours would be stress-free. The goal here is to help you and your baby have an enjoyable and bonding time while using your best double stroller.

Ensuring that the Best Double Strollers are Safe for Baby’s Use

When it comes to buying anything for your baby, your top most concern is of course, how safe it is for your baby to use. As parents, we all naturally want to make sure that anything we’re giving to our baby is nothing but the best. So do your part in making sure that this goal is achieved.

1. Know the Product

To know how safe a stroller is for your precious bundle of joy, one good step to start with is to check if it has the marked the seal of approval from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). All best double strollers have this mark. Know if it has tried being recalled as well. You can do this by checking out both the websites of the manufacturer and the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission.

Secondly, aside from checking out the product description and dimensions, you’ll learn more about the double stroller reviews of people who have tried using it. So do your research and read about its pros and cons so you can weigh things out and make an informed and intelligent decision with your purchase.

2. Know the Seller

Find out all that you can about the manufacturer. Read about who they are in their website. How long have they been in the business? How known and established is/are their brand/s? Where are they located? How many sales did they have with the best double stroller you are thinking of buying? Did they have to recall it? This is very important because that’s how you’ll get to know how credible and manufacturer is and if their products can be trusted to be used for your baby.

3. Warranties

It’s essential to ensure that every investment you make must have some form of protection for you as the consumer. Check shipping details if it’s free or not, will they pay you back if it arrives with damage (if you ordered it online), years of warranty, where you can get help for repair if the stroller gets broken or where to buy parts if needed. Note that you’ll be most likely using your best double stroller for many years so things like these have to be taken into consideration to save yourself from the headache and expenses later on.


So there you have a comprehensive buying guide that gives you all there is to know about and what to consider to help you in your quest to find the best double stroller. As there are many factors involved in making your decision, we can understand that it can a bit daunting but one good tip to keep in mind is to never lose track of your budget limits.

Once you’ve determined that, you can now choose which type of stroller fits your budget. Then you can narrow down your choice to which best fits your lifestyle or environment and finally, which features would suit your needs.

Secondly, make sure to read the double stroller reviews of those brands that made it to your top list. See what users have to say about them and learn more about their pros and cons. There’s nothing more real than a testimonial from a real user of the product.

With that, we bid you a happy shopping and here’s to many equally happy years for you and your babies with the best double stroller you are going to buy.